Sound-Controlled Intergalactic Teddy

January 2018 | By Støj

Control a video game through sound.


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Sound-Controlled Intergalactic Teddy is an experiment that uses machine learning to let you control a video game in an unusual new way. It's an infinite runner game where you use your voice and sounds to control Teddy’s movements. To jump over a green slimy alien you say “Ohhh” and to duck you simply clap your hands.

Using machine learning we have taught the game to understand different sounds. For the game to be able to recognise and distinguish between the sounds, we trained it by recording a lot of diverse “ohhh”s and claps which made it robust and easy for anyone to play.

Both the game and the machine learning engine are built with JavaScript.

The installation was displayed in Namur, Belgium at KIKK Festival 2017 as a part of Little.KIKK.

Game development: Støj
Game graphics: Amalie Kvistgaard