May 2018 | By Janelle Shane

When knitters teamed up with a neural network


SkyKnit is a fun project from Janelle Shane where she trained a neural net on a series of 5228 sets of knitting instructions. Then, she generated new instructions, which members of the online knitting community Ravelry interpreted in creative ways into physical creations.

The SkyKnit designs shown above are “Make Caows and Shapcho” and "Ribbed Rib Rib" interpreted by Ravelry user MeganAnn and “Pitsilised Koekirjad Cushion Sampler Poncho” interpreted by Ravelry user Maeve. Check out more creations from people in the Ravelry community here.

Learn more about Janelle’s thoughts on connections between knitting, coding, and creativity in this project writeup, or this news article.