Magnify Miniatures

October 2020 | By Christine Sugrue, Artist in Residence at Google Arts & Culture Lab

Explore the National Museum of India’s collection of miniature paintings and discover amazing details thanks to Machine Learning.

Miniature paintings are rich with beautiful details, bringing to life poetry, age old legends, religious mythology and the moods of love and changing seasons. They depict stories of lived experiences that informed and shaped culture, sacred and worldly.

We used Machine Learning to help find details and connections between paintings that are hundreds of years apart. Explore details across the remarkable collection of the National Museum, New Delhi. This collection of 17,000 paintings is one of the largest collections of miniature paintings in India. Journeys within masterpieces, from one beautiful detail to another, are a new way to understand why Miniature traditions are amongst the most celebrated art forms worldwide.

These paintings have been captured in ultra-high resolution - making visible details invisible to the naked eye - using the Google Arts & Culture Art Camera.

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