IOIO Camera Robot Project

September 2015 | By Ake Exorcist

IOIO Robot Car with Real-time Camera from Android Device that Controlled with Another Android Device via WiFi.


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This robot project is using the IOIO board, a microcontroller board that able to communicate with Android device through bluetooth connection. And using camera on Android device to stream a picture to another android device through WiFi. In the operation, One Android device which connected with the IOIO board called "IOIO Side". It used to command the robot via bluetooth and connect with another Android device called "Controller Side" via WiFi (TCP Connection) to receive any command from Controller Side. e.g. Move Command, Take a picture, Turn on flashlight. So user can using Controller Side to control the robot then Controller Side will sent command to IOIO Side and IOIO Side will command the IOIO board. At the same time, IOIO Side sent a picture from camera to Controller Side. The IOIO Board Wiki :