Infinite Herbarium

June 2021 | By Caroline Rothwell

A botanical experience across art, science and machine learning.

This experiment is no longer active, but you can still learn about it on this page.


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Infinite Herbarium is an artwork by Caroline Rothwell which invites participants to explore an infinite number of machine learning-generated plants as well as create their own specimens, while learning more about the plants in their own backyard.

Using similar technology to that which powers Google Lens, participants are invited to create a plant ‘morph’. Two plants are identified. The visual characteristics of these plants are fed into a machine learning model trained on images drawn from the Biodiversity Heritage Library to generate a 'new' hybrid image. 
The work was exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, as part of The National, 2021, as well as at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney
Built by Caroline Rothwell with friends from Google Creative Lab.