Hello, Emmett!

December 2018 | By Waverly Wilson, Evan Xia, Dror Ayalon, Emily Harms, Matilda Wysocki, Connor McGough

Help Mr. Maze find the way to his lost items by typing the correct letters in Morse Code

This experiment was created during a 3 day Morse Code Game Jam at the Adaptive Design Association. It is intended to be used with the Gboard Morse keyboard

Amaze is a game that was inspired by Emmett, an amazing kid, who loves traveling, minions and solving challenging problems. Amaze allows Emmet to solve a new maze for every level, while showing Mr. Lost, the game leading character, the way to find all of his lost items. Emmett uses morse code to move Mr. Lost in the right direction. While doing so, Emmett is learning Morse Code and being rewarded for his achievements as he becomes more fluent with the Morse encoding.