Giga Manga

March 2022 | By Artists in Residence at Google Arts & Culture Lab: Gael Hugo, Caroline Buttet

Create your own manga with the help of machine learning

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Giga Manga is an online experiment that allows you to create unique manga characters with the help of machine learning. In this unique experiment, all you need to do is sketch a few simple lines and add some splashes of color – then let machine learning fill in the rest. You can also draw freeform to personalize your creation further. And when you’re done, the tool will help you discover manga similar to the one you’ve drawn. 

For this experiment, we used a model trained on more than 140k high-resolution images to help us predict and suggest how your drawing might develop. We then customized a colorization model – called Adeleine created by Mr. So Hasegawa – to detect the colored scribbles you added to the drawing and color it accordingly.

Finally, we used the CLIP and OpenCV, combined with the ANNOY library, to help us search for your drawing's closest match in the Google Arts & Culture manga collection.

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