Gaze Effect

August 2015 | By Fathom

A watch face that looks back.


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Gaze Effect displays mysterious eyes that gaze back at you when you look at your watch The more you look at your watch, the more your watch looks at you. If you don’t check your watch for a while, the eyes start disappearing. In the later hours of the day, the eyes grow tired, and they move and blink less. Keep an eye out for special times throughout the day when they get especially eerie. The design alludes to Jacques Lacan’s psychological term “Gaze,” or the realization that you are an object being looked at just as an inanimate object can be looked at. The Gaze Effect watch face is a quirky reference to self-awareness, and our relationship to personal devices and time. See Fathom’s full collection of watch faces Coubertin Rings: A watch face to motivate your daily activity Gaze Effect: A watch face that looks back Bouncing Isaac: A watch face inspired by light and physics