Bouncing Isaac

August 2015 | By Fathom

A watch face inspired by light and physics.


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Bouncing Isaac uses the built-in sensors on your watch to display playful, interactive, geometric patterns and colors that change throughout the day. The more you move your watch, the more the color patterns and forms emerge. The background color changes every hour throughout the day, and the triangles are based on a sliding spectrum of highly saturated colors. The colors overlap one another as the leading point of the triangle hits one of the walls of your watch face. The watch design pays tribute to Isaac Newton’s laws of motion and his experiments using a prism to refract white light to create a spectrum of color. Bouncing Isaac is a simple watch face that showcases the wonder of light and physics. See Fathom’s full collection of watch faces Coubertin Rings: A watch face to motivate your daily activity Gaze Effect: A watch face that looks back Bouncing Isaac: A watch face inspired by light and physics