A Selfless Society

June 2017 | By Julie Freeman & Marcin Ignac


A Selfless Society is an abstract animation of forms whose shape and behaviour are influenced by live activity patterns of a naked mole-rat colony. The work is inspired by the cooperative lifestyle of the animals, and their altruistic nature that puts the group before the individual. Naked mole-rats are ‘eusocial’ like bees, only the queen breeds. Working together as a whole the colony has the strongest chance of success, while lone individuals have little chance of survival. What would happen if human society were restructured in this way? Would non-breeding females be considered selfish or selfless? How would political, economic and other systems be re-routed to serve the interests of the whole? What would become of the individual?The audience can turn and tilt the seemingly 2D animation to get alternative perspectives on the animation.

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