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Runway Palette

November 2019 | By Cyril Diagne, Google Arts & Culture Lab, The Business of Fashion

Find out which color palettes top designers have used in fashion shows.

What insights can machine learning give us about fashion?

Google Arts & Culture collaborated with The Business of Fashion (BoF) to create an interactive visualization of fashion show archives from 2015-2019.

We came together with The Business of Fashion to view their collection of 140,000 photos of runway looks from almost 4,000 fashion shows around the world. If you could attend one fashion show per day, it would take you more than 10 years to see them all. This experiment makes this library easy and fun to explore in one single visualization. By extracting the main colors of each look, we used machine learning to organize the images by color palette, resulting in an interactive experiment of four years of fashion by almost 1,000 designers.

Everyone can now discover not just the seasons, designers and colors, but also the trends that come from Fashion Weeks worldwide.

You can even snap or upload a picture of, let’s say, your closet, or autumn leaves, and discover how designers used a similar color palette in fashion.